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Latest Episode

A Conversation with Daniel Gillies

A Conversation with Daniel Gillies

We talk with Daniel Gillies (“The Originals,” “Virgin River”) about his new thriller, “Coming Home in the Dark,” in which he plays a malevolent, charismatic drifter. Daniel also shares insights into the art — and the business — of film acting.

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A Conversation with Robert Hays

A Conversation with Robert Hays

“Airplane!” star Robert Hays tells behind-the-scenes stories about the making of the classic 1980 comedy. He also discusses some of his favorite films, including “The Thin Man,” “On the Waterfront,” “Shane,” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

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A Conversation with Paul Barnes

A Conversation with Paul Barnes

Documentary film editor Paul Barnes discusses his craft and his collaboration with award-winning documentarians Erroll Morris and Ken Burns on films such as “The Thin Blue Line,” “The Civil War,” “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History,” and “The Statue of Liberty.”

Chris & Dean

The Filmosophers

Show Hosts Chris and Dean

Hosts Chris Busch and Dean Sluyter talk about films and “Filmosophy” with the people who make and who love the movies.

Whether it’s director David Lynch talking about Transcendental Meditation, world peace, and pursuing the perfect chocolate milkshake, 9-time Jeopardy champion Buzzy Cohen handling movie trivia questions, or True Blood star Joe Manganiello meeting one of his video gaming world heroes, The Filmosophers offers fans of films and spirituality an educating, inspiring and entertaining experience.

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